32 Secrets to Sleep Well - A Guide to a Good Nights Sleep

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My doctor and I also realized that I was deficient in magnesium, which happens to be a great sleep aid. I take it before bed now and it is really helpful. The Deep Sleep meditations on the Calm app were helpful, too.

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Great post! Thanks Tiffany, these are such great tips… I had actually forgotten about the Magnesium thing, but when my sleeping issue was at its worst, I did try the powdered magnesium drink before bed for a couple weeks and it really helped. I practice the deep breathing technique and it does help. Taking 5htp supplement also helped me sleep through the night. Great tips! I have trouble with insomnia but according to my therapist it is all because stress. Maybe when I will be debt free I will get some good sleep! My favorite thing from this list that I already do is make the room cold… I absolutely cannot sleep without the fan on.

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What Are The Secrets To A Good Night's Sleep?

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Tips to help weary teens get a good night’s sleep

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US National Institutes of Health. Sleep Medicine: Essentials and Review. Drinking coffee at night may make it more difficult to sleep properly. You may have trouble falling asleep after an evening coffee. You may also find it hard to stay asleep. Your bladder may wake you for a bathroom visit during the night, as caffeine encourages your body to produce more urine.

Some people are so sensitive to caffeine that they need to avoid it from lunchtime onwards. Pink noise is a sound that you can play to help enhance your sleep quality. There are devices that play pink noise to help you sleep better or you could download a pink noise app. An afternoon nap is often tempting, but it can interfere with your night time sleep.

If you do need a snooze, make it a power nap of 20 minutes or less. Background noise can make it hard for you to get to sleep and stay asleep. Noise that repeatedly disrupts your sleep can cause daytime fatigue, difficulty thinking and mood changes. Try streaming music or pink noise to mask background noise and help you sleep better. There are apps that play soothing sounds of waves, rain or waterfalls. Noise-cancelling headphones may also work for you. If a snoring partner is disrupting your sleep, urge them to seek treatment so you can both sleep better.