Critical Curriculum Leadership: A Framework for Progressive Education

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As an English teacher, it is my my job to teach children English skills.

Critical Curriculum Leadership

It is the responsibility and decision of parents, not the school system, to teach their children about these social issues. It is wrong to expect a teacher to expose and … Read More. It is wrong to expect a teacher to expose and teach these social issues to small children. As a parent, I would never allow the public school system to teach these these sensitive topics to my children. Go to this link and read the questions and answers to numbers 5 and 7.

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Do parents have a constitutional right to prevent their children from receiving education in public schools on subjects they disapprove? Do parents have the right to notice about and to opt their children out of diversity education programs that include discussions of sexual orientation or other controversial topics? As a father of a nine year old, I would not allow the government to teach my son about the human condition.

Or what it means to be a man; that is my job as his father. Leave the character building between parents and children, the school system will never tell my child who he is. Mr Rodriguez, As an educator and parent myself, I agree with you that Parents are the most important educator in a child's life when it comes to teaching values, however the ACLU and many other powerful organizations do not agree. When my district halted a curriculum pilot for Middle School students that included many of these teachings, the ACLU sent our district a letter that stated: Parents do not have … Read More.

When my district halted a curriculum pilot for Middle School students that included many of these teachings, the ACLU sent our district a letter that stated:. Parents do not have the right to dictate what curriculum is used or what information is provided to students in public schools. The U.

Here is the Newspaper article with the details of the event. The only problem is that the cited study from did not include any mention of the most controversial parts of CSE, so this statistic is quite deceptive and I would bet money that most parents across the state would … Read More. The only problem is that the cited study from did not include any mention of the most controversial parts of CSE, so this statistic is quite deceptive and I would bet money that most parents across the state would not support the current CSE to that degree—given that it is medically inaccurate and biased.

Arthur, I am a parent like you of a 9 and 6 year old in the Orange Unified School District, I have two more kids on the way that will go to this District. I have been fighting for the stoppage of CSE and government intrusion into the way they teach our children about gender and sexuality; which goes against all science!!! Come and stand together with the thousands of parents who have taken it … Read More. Come and stand together with the thousands of parents who have taken it to their local school districts and in California we will be taking it to the State Department of Education very soon!!!

I will be fighting the government on this until my last breath!!! If you want to get in touch with me, just write a response to my comment. What can be done to prevent this from becoming part of he California curriculum?

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Give you opinion as a parent and please encourage other parents to do likewise. The other thing you can do is to carefully choose who you vote for to represent your views, such as, school board members, state and federal legislators. Stay informed because the educational … Read More. Stay informed because the educational landscape is changing fast. Know your rights. Ed Code states, Each district board.. Ask to look at curriculum and ask to be on committees where they are selecting curriculum. Speak to your district board members, they represent you because you elected them.

Critical Curriculum Leadership A Framework for Progressive Education

Remember you are the taxpayer and you are paying for public education, therefore you deserve to have a voice. Thank you for commenting on the article.

For a state that is so concerned about non-discrimination and not being offensive, they excel in discriminating against the Latino Community, Middle Eastern Muslim Community and our own native blacks and innocence overall. The proactive warping of children's minds to accept what science cannot, and has never been able to confirm, is not a legitimate aim of human education, but indoctrination — an overreach of the state into deeply personal matters based on nothing but one's feelings and perceptions.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the primary focus of elementary schools — reading, writing, development of computational proficiency and critical thinking skills. We are living in … Read More. Our children deserve better than this farce of transgender ideology, and soon, public schools up and down the state will feel the sting of parents revolting against this forced indoctrination one way or another.

Act and feel how you must, adults, but we are wrong as a culture, to push this nightmarish farce as the truth of human nature onto children a and to enshrine these ideas into an educational framework that will cement the farcical curricula for a decade or more to come. Teaching children to accept transgender ideology is a profoundly dangerous counterfeit to finding true human freedom or authentic identity, and pushing acceptance of it does not resolve the high mortality rates 19 times higher suicide rates among those who have been studied long-term, post transition, even in countries like Sweden, where transgenderism is widely accepted.

Why would we promote this agenda if we know these facts? Reaping the rewards of this social experiment will be cultural annihilation. Maybe just socially, at first, but if done effectively and systemically, the dehumanizing of the marginalized class becomes barbaric and deadly. In all of human history, we have called this a holocaust, a genocide. Wake up, parents of California, teachers and administrators of good conscience in our public schools. AC, the Framework actually goes beyond Transgender teachings. When you mentioned the Teachers' Union.

Lebsack is correct in her criticisms. This curriculum is medically inaccurate in terms of what it says and also in what it omits. Is there a meeting we can attend in January to give public comments? Is our best bet to email as stated in the article and then just wait? Hi Jenica. Here is the link that gives you the time-line of events concerning the adoption of this framework. You can email or call for specific information about those meetings where public comments are allowed.

Here is the information: Questions: Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division healtheducationframework cde. No law says we must teach unlimited, ever-expansive gender identities. No law says we must teach unlimited, ever expansive sexual orientations either. It goes way beyond the boundaries of SB 48 or AB Frameworks provide a foundation for curriculum and instruction by describing the scope and sequence of knowledge and the skills that all students are expected to master. They also establish criteria to evaluate instructional materials and guide district selection of instructional resources.

Your voice matters, so please participate in the Community Process and encourage others to do the same. I have been surprised by how few people, including educators and administrators, are unaware of the Community Input Process taking place right now. Most are unaware of the unprecedented content and new concepts that are in this new Health Framework Draft.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and legitimate concerns as a parent. Please help spread the word so more parents and educators can have a voice. I can provide more quotes from the Framework if you are interested as well.. I read EdSource all the time and this article by Brenda Lebsack hit me. This needs to be printed in all the languages and sent out immediately! The Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern communities would not agree with this nonsense.

I'm often told about the ample research validating CSE.

Curriculum Leadership in a Conservative Era - Rose M. Ylimaki,

Thank you EdSource for publishing this article. It is good to know that teachers and parents have an opportunity to participate through public input. Our state is really diverse, and rather than welcome that diversity, I've seen my own school district intentionally exclude teachers and parents in the adoption of comprehensive sexuality curriculum. Partnering with parents should be priority. There are many examples of well-intended "experts" who have done more damage than … Read More. Brenda, thank you for carrying the torch on this issue and bringing it into the light to expose the works of darkness done in secret.

Rojo, I've been very shocked at how few teachers and administrators are aware of the contents of the Calif Health Framework draft.

Many are not even aware we are in Community Input Process right now statewide. As a teacher, though, I understand. Our jobs are demanding and most of us are juggling family responsibilities and community involvement. It is hard enough just to keep up with the daily demands of one's … Read More.

I hope this article will help increase awareness and also increase involvement in this democratic process. Thank you for your comment. I am surprised as much as you La. In fact, shocked! Even the directions on how to participate in this process are not available in Spanish. Spanish-speaking parents, as well as other non-English speaking parents, will not be able to participate in this statewide community input process, which greatly impacts their children's education. I contacted the CDE and asked if parents could give input comments in their native tongue and the CDE said, they could not guarantee their comments would be counted if they were not in English.

I was again shocked by this answer. This includes, but is not limited to, provide resources, which include interpreters and translated materials of information and services in the language readily understood by an individual seeking guidance or assistance from the CDE. A person has the right to interact with the CDE in a language that best ensures meaningful access to programs and services at no cost to them.

Not sure why, but I guess if you make the rules, you can break the rules. I completely disagree with the author and pretty much all of these comments. Neither the author or majority of the commenters here seem to care about the well being of children and young adults. To claim that the adoption of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education curricula would pose a threat to the well-being of kids is ridiculous and not based on research or science.

What I find most disconcerting is this instance that biology and genetics dictate gender.