Dead Wreckoning (Sidra Smart Mystery Series Book 3)

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I'd So Rather Be Reading: Book Review: Dance on His Grave (Sidra Smart #1) by Sylvia Dickey Smith

The books are not heavy on the suspense like the Sookie Stackhouse series is. I have to wonder about series about respectable people involved in murder investigations. It seems to me, that in real life, most respectable people are not involved in any murder investigations at all, while here we have a librarian surrounded by multiple deaths. In a paranormal series, I could understand it, but not so much here.

Definitely not great, and altogether forgettable. In fact, when I was writing this review I forgot that there were eight books in the series. I read these books last year and that's not like me to forget about a series so quickly! The books seemed to improve as the series progressed. But, if I hadn't already read Harris' Sookie series and knew her to be a good author, I probably would have given up after Real Murders.

As it is, I'm glad I got these from the library.

The Painted Ladies

I would not have paid to keep reading after book one. Just One Gripe:. I got so tired of reading about all of Roe's different glasses. So she has glasses in every color, big deal, Charlaine Harris! Maybe I'm just jealous because I can't afford more than one pair of glasses The books are light-hearted with a little humor.

Appropriate for a younger audience:.

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Maybe not because each book is a little murder mystery. The series has much less sex and gore than Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series though. Do Some Damage.

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