How To Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life (Simple Living Book 1)

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10 MINIMALIST MISTAKES - Watch This Before You Declutter!

My issue is the horrible habits that let it get that way. I need an easy step by step guide to training my mind to avoid the clutter in the first place. It haunts me. I just found your blog over a month or so. I just recently started my simple living journey about six months ago. I started reading lorilee lippincotts book, which kicked me to the curb.

As i continue to do more research I came across your blog. I think it is awesome, everything you say i take into prespective and just makes sense. I will continue to read your blog thank you for the amazing tips! Please come check out my blog….

Declutter your house

So what better place to start then to quote one of her recent posts on decluttering: […]. Podcast Books About Search. Yet so many of us too many of us are weighed down by our stuff. Lose it so you can move forward to living the simpler, slower life you crave. The Basics of Decluttering Start with one small thing. So trust me, start small. My decluttering journey has been the same. Next I tackled the medicine cabinet. Then the: bathroom cabinet hall stand fridge Tupperware drawer laundry shelf cleaning cupboard dry goods cupboard None of these is a big thing on its own.

Your Never-Fail Decluttering Technique Follow these steps regardless of what part of your home you are decluttering. They will never lead you astray: Decide on which single surface you will declutter. Once you begin, do not move on to another until this one is completely clutter-free and preferably well organised. Establish an area as your work space. You need a clear flat work surface to use for sorting, organising, etc. Grab three boxes or bags. Donate box — for anything in good condition.

These could be donated to charity, given as hand-me-downs to friends or family, or given away for free using Freecycle. The holding box can keep them out of the way for six months, when you can decide based on whether you have missed or needed the items if you will keep or donate the contents preferably without opening it. Remove everything from the space you are decluttering. Place everything on your newly cleared work surface, leaving the decluttered space completely empty.

Clean it with a damp cloth. Pick up each item individually and ask yourself the questions below.

The amount of time you spend on the decision of whether to keep or toss the item will depend on what it is and how much is has meant to you in the past. Do I want this? Do I use this?

What is the first step to simplifying family life?

Or have I used it in the past year? My response is that decluttering is painful. I write about this in-depth in this post but in short, I think that often the items we own represent fears, insecurities or hard truths. Letting go means looking inwards and it can be hard to do.

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You need to forgive yourself for your mistakes perhaps a dress you bought to cheer yourself up after a relationship ended or an expensive handbag you bought in order to impress others so that you can learn from the past and move forward. If you want to simplify your life, then the time to start is now.

Here are three ideas to help you begin. For years, I felt guilty and ashamed about my spending and this made it really hard to declutter. Every time I tried, my thoughts would turn to the hard-earned money I wasted this was especially painful when it was something really expensive! Eventually, I realised I had to draw a line in the sand. I wrote off my losses as an investment in my education and committed to stopping my mindless shopping habit moving forward.

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Instead, it is a repeated, daily choice to be intentional about what you allow into your life. I think that at its core, minimalism is about enough-ness ; finding that sweet spot where we have exactly what we need to be happy—nothing less and nothing more. The problem is that most people have no idea what that sweet spot looks like.

These types of questions will help you define what you really need to be happy and in turn, you can clarify your definition of enough. You absolutely can and should declutter your schedule. Check out this post for some tips on how to get started. Another category of stuff that people struggle to declutter is sentimental items—items from our past that hold special memories. My favourite technique is to put all my sentimental items into one spot I have a box in my closet. Then I set a regular reminder in my calendar to review these items: old newspaper clippings, photos, cards, etc.

One of the hard truths about simple living is that owning less will not magically solve all your problems.

Seven great books to help you declutter and freshen things up this Spring

No matter how much you declutter, there will always be bills to pay, hearts to mend and dishes to clean. However, minimalism DOES clear the clutter from your life, which in turn gives you more time, money and energy to tackle your problems. My home was still cluttered, my schedule was still busy and it felt like my dreams were too big. Often times, I was tempted to give up. Fortunately, I eventually learned is that minimalism is not a destination.

The secret?

Reorder Your Routine With These 12 Books On Minimalism & Simplicity

The small decision every day to have more of what matters connection, family, love and less of everything else. A cuddle on the sofa, a few pages of a good book, a few minutes to watch the sunset … some days our choices will seem less remarkable than others but everything little we do matters.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments! Hello there! As a former shopaholic and workaholic, I know how it feels to live a life that doesn't feel true to what's in your heart.