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The study should be regarded as a supporting tool during the decision making process. The Angry Dying Patient. Over 25 years ago, Kubler-Ross identified anger as a predictable part of the dying process.

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When the dying patient becomes angry in the clinical setting, all types of communication become strained. Physicians can help the angry dying patient through this difficult time by using 10 rules of engagement. When physicians engage and empathize with these patients, they improve the patient's response to pain and they reduce patient suffering.

When physicians educate patients on their normal responses to dying and enlist them in the process of family reconciliation, they can impact the end-of-life experience in a positive way. Das Pyoderma gangraenosum PG ist eine seltene, inflammatorische destruktiv-ulzerierende neutrophile Erkrankung mit weitgehend unklarer Pathophysiologie. In dieser Studie wurden die potenziell relevanten Kofaktoren und Begleiterkrankungen von Patienten mit PG aus drei dermatologischen Wundzentren in Deutschland differenziert ausgewertet. Die Soldering in Aluminium Die Casting. Two types of tests, dipping tests and dip-coating tests were carried out on small steel cylinders using pure aluminum and alloy to investigate the mechanism of die soldering during aluminum die casting.

Optical and scanning electron microscopy were used to study the morphology and composition of the phases formed during soldering. A soldering mechanism is postulated based on experimental observations. A soldering critical temperature is postulated at which iron begins to react with aluminum to form an aluminum-rich liquid phase and solid intermetallic compounds.

The paper discusses the mechanism of soldering for the case of pure aluminum and alloy casting in a steel mold, the factors that promote soldering, and the strength of the bond formed when soldering occurs. Although a significant amount of research has been conducted on the nature of these intermetallics, little is known about the conditions under which soldering occurs. We have no authentic record, but Plato has preserved the "Socratic conversations" in his dialogues.

In the first part of this study, the Socratic strategy is examined through a comparative analysis of the early Platonic dialogues with the theories of critical rationalism and the cognitive theories based on motivation for achievement and learning. In the dialogues, Socrates invites his interlocutors to express their opinions, professing himself ignorant of the matter under discussion, but gradually challenges their certainties and moves from the particular and the egocentric to the general concept, using concrete examples.

The second part of this study gives a detailed presentation of the elements of the Socratic strategy of teaching and learning: These continue to be of relevance today and are timely in the context of shifting values and the need for a critical approach to knowledge.

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A method and die apparatus for manufacturing a honeycomb body of triangular cell cross-section and high cell density, the die having a combination of i feedholes feeding slot intersections and ii feedholes feeding slot segments not supplied from slot intersections, whereby a reduction in feedhole count is achieved while still retaining good extrusion efficiency and extrudate uniformity.

Inventor ; Johnson, Gary S. Inventor ; Frye, Mark W. Inventor ; Stanfield, Clarence E. This invention relates generally to pultrusion die assemblies, and more particularly, to a pultrusion die assembly which incorporates a plurality of functions in order to produce a continuous, thin composite fiber reinforced thermoplastic material.

The invention is useful for making high performance thermoplastic composite materials in sheets which can be coiled on a spool and stored for further processing. Micromechanical die attachment surcharge.

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An attachment structure is disclosed for attaching a die to a supporting substrate without the use of adhesives or solder. The attachment structure, which can be formed by micromachining, functions purely mechanically in utilizing a plurality of shaped pillars e. The attachment structure can further include an alignment structure for precise positioning of the die and supporting substrate to facilitate mounting the die to the supporting substrate. The attachment structure has applications for mounting semiconductor die containing a microelectromechanical MEM device, a microsensor or an integrated circuit IC , and can be used to form a multichip module.

The attachment structure is particularly useful for mounting die containing released MEM devices since these devices are fragile and can otherwise be damaged or degraded by adhesive or solder mounting. Restrospektive Studie zur Analyse von klinischen Merkmalen, videodermatoskopischen Bildern, histopathologischen Diagnosen und Behandlungsergebnissen.

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Der Grad der Pigmentierung wurde sowohl klinisch als auch histopathologisch beurteilt. Das Muster der Pigmentierung korrelierte signifikant mit dem Alter der Patienten: Numerical analysis of the flexible roll forming of an automotive component from high strength steel. Conventional roll forming is limited to components with uniform cross-section; the recently developed flexible roll forming FRF process can be used to form components which vary in both width and depth.

It has been suggested that this process can be used to manufacture automotive components from Ultra High Strength Steel UHSS which has limited tensile elongation. In the flexible roll forming process, the pre-cut blank is fed through a set of rolls ; some rolls are computer-numerically controlled CNC to follow the 3D contours of the part and hence parts with a variable cross-section can be produced.

This paper introduces a new flexible roll forming technique which can be used to form a complex shape with the minimum tooling requirements. In this method, the pre-cut blank is held between two dies and the whole system moves back and forth past CNC forming rolls. The forming roll changes its angle and position in each pass to incrementally form the part. In this work, the process is simulated using the commercial software package Copra FEA. The distribution of total strain and final part quality are investigated as well as related shape defects observed in the process.

Different tooling concepts are used to improve the strain distribution and hence the part quality. This Manufacturing Demonstration Facility MDF e roll-to-roll processing effort described in this report provided an excellent opportunity to investigate a number of advanced manufacturing approaches to achieve a path for low cost devices and sensors. Critical to this effort is the ability to deposit thin films at low temperatures using nanomaterials derived from nanofermentation.

The overarching goal of this project was to develop roll-to-roll manufacturing processes of thin film deposition on low-cost flexible substrates for electronics and sensor applications. Simulations were performed using a finite-element model developed using the commercial code LS-Dyna.

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Simulations of the hot rolling of UMo coupons encapsulated in low-carbon steel have been conducted following two different schedules. This report discusses various attributes of the rolled coupons revealed by the model e. Frontal Impact of Rolling Spheres. A model of the inelastic collision between two spheres rolling along a horizontal track is presented, taking into account the effects of frictional forces at impact. This experiment makes possible direct estimates of the coefficients of restitution and friction.

Systematics of constant roll inflation. We study constant roll inflation systematically.

This is a regime, in which the slow roll approximation can be violated. It has long been thought that this approximation is necessary for agreement with observations. We investigate systematically the condition for such a constant- roll regime. In the process, we find a whole new class of inflationary models, in addition to the known solutions. We show that the new models are stable under scalar perturbations. Finally, we find a part of their parameter space, in which they produce a nearly scale-invariant scalar power spectrum, as needed for observational viability.

Rolling Resistance of Pneumatic Tires. Potential improvements in tire power transmission efficiency are worth seeking for gaining improved automotive fuel economy.

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Summaries herein of tire rolling resistance as influenced by tire construction and design, tire materials, and tire operating Influence of roll levelling on material properties and postforming springback. Roll levelling is commonly used in cut to length and blanking lines to flatten initial coils and produce residual stress free precuts. Roll straightener is also used to remove coil-set when progressive dies are used and the starting raw material is a coil.

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Industrial evidences have proved that roll leveler or straightener tuning is crucial to get a robust process and to obtain repetitive springback values after stamping. This is more relevant when using Advanced High Strength Steels and aluminum coils. However, the mechanisms affecting this material behavior are unknown and how the levelling technology affects the material properties has not been yet reported. In this paper, the influence the roll levelling process has on the final properties of a 6xxx aluminum alloy is studied.

For that, as received coils have been relevelled using two different leveler set-ups and tensile tests have been performed using both initial and final material states.

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