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This eerie encounter is literally a ghost story swapped late one night in a bar. To make the story even darker, the man on the receiving end, Dan, is an old widower whose lone daughter, Janey, is also dead. The young man telling Dan the tale of is a stranger, possibly a friend of Janey. The story-within-a-story itself is almost a laughable concept: a haunted dog. But there is really nothing funny about this terribly creepy, unsettling tale. Ursula Pflug may well have the coolest name in the writing world, and her short story "In Dreams We Remember" has a similarly classy title, to which the rest of the story sadly can not quite live up.

The narrator dreams of a past life as a druid, when she and sisters were schooled together in divination, poetry, medicine, and arbitration. The druidess was advisor to the great Celtic queen Maeve, who went to war over a bull. She pines for her lost queen, and because of the bloodshed she witnessed and the magical age that is gone.

The concept is quite nice, but the prose is rambling and over-wrought as frequently as it is evocative. The ending has an emotional weight that almost saved the story for me: sometimes, a good story is ruined by an awkward ending, but this one suffers from the opposite syndrome: its lovely conclusion would have been better served by a tighter progression.

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Following Pflug's dreamlike fantasy, Richard Park entertains a similarly mystical premise. Michiko, with her servant girl Mai, roams dark streets in medieval Japan. Like Mai, Michiko is dead. She is visiting her living lover, Hiroi, but a monk blocks her way, determined to protect Hiroi from the demon. Their meeting is both tense and charming and their dialog both powerful and wise.

It is possible to feel for every character in this story, and the carefully measured but poetic prose and perfect ending leave you wanting more.

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet No. 11

Soon a budding of suckers will emerge under his arms, even as a woman beside him comforts a baby with sardines, sugarcane, and a stereopticon. It occurs to him that table-wax would plug the child and be resistant to water. He feels guilty for having this thought. Colossal squid attack sperm whales, which are sixty-seven feet long and have the largest brain of any animal. A tough match. Of course people in nineteenth century novels got on their knees and prayed ardently to get the hell across an ocean.

With his new strength, he should be able to open a beer. His tentacles can no longer do anything as delicate as levering the tiny pop-top on a can, although they are pliable, soft. He presses a limb to the window and peers through the gelatin at the wavering grocery across the street, as Joan reads Vogue and sips frothy Caribou hot chocolate from an inflatable chair.

Gerald resists calling his mother. Joan has promised a crane, but Gerald doubts she can come through. Though she means well, she is not resourceful. When he says this, Joan takes off her sweatshirt, walks outside, and pushes his SUV up the steep hill near his home.

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He already thinks the bottom of Walhonding County pool will be rubberized and cool. Joan curls her body around Gerald as they lay on his broken bed and both seem to float in the room. When he dreams, the waves lap the edge of a boat, and his rotating hook suctions to a deck.

As if tapped into a collective consciousness, someone is trying to sever it, but he feels sure the limb will regenerate itself and have a life of its own. Joan has come through with a crane. When they prepare to transport him, it is unseasonably hot. Joan stands next to the crane which looks like a giraffe. All he sees is a blur of Joan—Joan at the front walk-up. Joan running. Joan lifting his limbs. Joan un-sticking his suckers. How about this? In chronological order by how I encountered them: 1.

Author Interview: Erica L. Q: You write in several formats and genres.

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Do you have a favorite? Q: Can you offer any advice to people writing novels in a series? I was born in Scotland and moved to the USA after university.

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    Other books in the series. Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 1 - 10 of 26 books. Books by Gavin J. Here, you get the relatable mother surrounded by the thankless as well as the cold-hearted.

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    One side is her family and the other are the townsfolk, but then the lines blur and mom is the only compassionate one left. Wonderful writing. Great pace and structure.

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    Day March 22, General — 21 Pages about, digital. For about twenty-one pages, nothing happens. Day March 23, Horror — 5 Pages about, digital. This one has a fun idea with a big body count or small body count? Still, intriguing and good weird.