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Peter Milligan became the new writer of the series with issue and was replaced by Mike Carey with issue The title was renamed X-Men: Legacy starting in February with issue The new title reflects a shift in the series direction to focusing on solo X-Men characters versus being a team-based book as the title was previously. The retitled series follows on from the conclusion of the Messiah Complex crossover, where Professor X was accidentally shot in the head by Bishop.

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Shortly after the X-Men presumed him deceased, his body disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown. X-Men: Legacy initially followed the Professor's presumed road to recovery as well as the encounters he faced, such as a battle with the mutant Exodus on the psychic plane [12] and discoveries about his past that include Mr. Many characters have been featured in the title, including Rogue , Magneto , Gambit , and the Acolytes. The title also featured flashbacks relevant to the ongoing present story as well as answered dangling plot lines throughout X-Men continuity.

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  8. As of issue , Rogue replaced Professor Xavier as the central character. Having now achieved control over her absorption powers, Scott Summers Cyclops has repositioned Rogue as mentor to the younger mutants under the protection of the X-Men on Utopia. Rogue is in the unique position to be able to help the students, due to her abilities, allowing fresh insight to their use and control.

    She has so far, also, been shown to face off against notable deadly adversaries including: Emplate and Proteus.

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    The title was one of two ongoing books to house the Age of X crossover. As part of the Marvel NOW! The new series focused on Legion , the son of the recently murdered Charles Xavier, who is struggling to keep his multitude of personalities under control while trying to honor his father's legacy by preemptively fighting off threats to mutants using his many powers. The 25th issue of the volume was renumbered to commemorate the longevity of the series.

    This is also the final issue of X-Men: Legacy. However, that series was renamed Nightcrawler after its featured character.

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    Since the introduction of X-Men , the plotlines of this series and other X-Books have been interwoven to varying degrees. For most of its run, X-Men has featured a completely different battalion of X-Men than other titles featuring the X-Men. While it was not uncommon for characters of one book to appear in the other, any major stories concerning characters were dealt with in their own team book. X-Men and Uncanny X-Men have shared two periods of time where they were more or less treated as a single, fortnightly series.

    In both of these cases they shared an author: to by Scott Lobdell and to by Alan Davis.

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    With three main X-Men series running concurrently, members from each book continue to appear in the other titles. In his role as mentor he has typically been present in the book, but he has notable absences, including issues 59—71 in government custody after the Onslaught crisis and 99— educating Cadre K in space. At many times the team roster has been the same as that appearing in Uncanny X-Men , and during two periods the two books have even been treated by their writer as a single bi-weekly title issues 46—69 by Scott Lobdell and issues 85—99 by Alan Davis.

    Gambit's group of students appeared prominently in issues —, featuring the debuts of future recurring characters Onyxx and Bling! After moving to Utopia in issue , Rogue became mentor to the various X-Men-in-training, who regularly appeared in issues alongside her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Art by David Finch.

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    Main article: New X-Men series. No regular artist, — Several illustrators, notably Phil Jimenez and Marc Silvestri , completed brief stints on the book due to deadline complications with previous art teams. Retrieved 10 August Comic Book Resources. Retrieved 6 November Retrieved 11 December Bleeding Cool. May 9, Retrieved 2 February Mein Passwort verbergen.

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