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  3. Activity 1. Rick Riordan Discusses Mythology.

Use this interactive rubric for easy, thorough assessment. It can even be used by students for self-assessment!

Student Activities for Greek Mythology Include:

Create a Comic Strip or Storyboard to illustrate every Greek god and goddess:. Pixton is best experienced with Javascript enabled in your browser. Over 16 million comics and storyboards created. Search all lesson plans:. Make ancient history come to life with comics! Featured Layouts When students complete the activities in this lesson plan, they will use the following comic layout types.

Your students will create amazing images like these in no time!

Cecaelia - The Octopus People - Cecaelia Explained - Native American Mythology Explained [Ep.1]

Featured Props Greek Mythology Student creations come alive with these themed objects — in addition to our library of over 3, props! Step 2 Pixton comic-making activities. Step 3 Concluding discussion with students. Teacher Trial Sign up now, it's free! Share this Lesson Plan:. Print this Activity Import this Activity. Press here to show the full rubric.

Press on the rubric to see how it works. Create from this Template Print Download. Here's the link to share this comic:.

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  • Lesson Plan: Greek Mythology?
  • Create a List.
  • Write clear directions for players to follow when playing. Post this information inside the game box. Students teams create a poster advertising their new game. Be creative and compose a catchy saying referring to the game. If time permits, students write a commercial for the game and video tape their performance of the commercial.

    Other students in the class evaluate the effectiveness of the commercial in selling the game.

    View our Safety Guidelines. Skip to content Would you like to visit your local site? There isn't a local site available. Would you like to visit the Australian site? Would you like to visit your local site? Back to Crayola. Mythology Comes Alive Game. Relive the adventures of Greek heroes and heroines by creating a 3-D board game.


    Classical Mythology Lesson Plans

    Print Share. Organize students into small groups.

    Invite groups to read several Greek myths and learn about their major heroes and heroines. Organize various text and electronic resources for students to view. Once their investigations are complete, inform students that they will design a board game based on what they learned.

    Teaching Mythology in High School: Ideas for Myths and Legends

    Initially groups make a plan for their games. Will there be a theme such as the labors of Hercules or the travels of Ulysses? What will be the objective of the game? How will players advance around the board? Will you use random number generators or a spinner? Will players move forward based on their answers to questions?

    Next, teams design the game board. For a 3-D game such as the one shown, based on a climb to the top of Mt.

    Greek Mythology & the 12 Olympians

    Olympus, select two boxes with lids of different sizes that can be set one on top of the other. Cover each box with gift wrap or decorated paper. Allow glue to air-dry. Use Crayola Fine Line Markers and a ruler to draw game paths on white paper.