Little Birds Can Still Soar!

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This ability is showcased in the rare video below.

Videos for Cats to Watch : Little Birds on The Bench - 8 HOURS

Because Little Birds can get into very tight spaces, and often have to, sometimes landing on a wide, relatively flat surface is simply not an option. They need to be able to balance temporarily on anything they can. This can include building ledges or ship railings, often times at night and in adverse weather. You can see this tactic used operationally in Iraq and in training in the videos below.

Like many other unique special operations aviation tactics , the crew of the Little Bird makes it look incredibly easy. This is a testament to their abilities, because it very much is not. The MD series , which is what the MH-6 is based off of, are a favorite of special operations forces and defense contractors around the globe.

Seeing as how it is ideal for counter-terror and counter-insurgency operations, there is a very good chance the Little Bird and its cousins will be landing on ledges for decades to come. Contact the author at Tyler jalopnik. Little Birds can be rapidly 'broken down' and air transported in cargo planes, then quickly built up at their destination. Based around the MD airframe, the AH-6M gunship features lightweight pylons for the loading over a number of weapons systems including:. The MH-6M is configured for the insertion and extraction of special operations forces and can be configured with specialized equipment for this task:.

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However, the Army decided that it would be more prudent to keep the unit. The task force, which had been designated Task Force , was soon formed into the th Aviation Battalion. The existence of the unit became widely known in the aftermath of the October invasion of Grenada, as OH-6s helicopters were seen supporting Special Operations during this operation. From there they flew to Grenada.

BBC Blogs - Autumnwatch - Wing Tips: Identifying our birds of prey

By , th SOAR and its helicopters were heavily committed to supporting the contras , a United States-subsidized military force. The unit members wore civilian clothes, flew by night, and were instructed to destroy their aircraft if they were forced down. On 24 July , a Kuwaiti oil tanker, reflagged as Bridgeton and escorted by U. Navy warships, struck a mine in the Persian Gulf.

Little Birds Can Still Soar by Shelton & Maria M.

It became apparent that more than escort ships would be required to guard merchant ships. The U.

The AH-6 helicopters were armed with 7. Navy SH-2s to direct them to the targets. Later, to preserve the aircraft and crews from fatigue and wear, the SEABAT teams remained on the ship's deck until a contact was identified. The team found Iran Ajr , an amphibious landing ship equipped with minelaying racks.

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The vessel was subsequently boarded and captured. The Boghammar launched two Stinger missiles at the helicopters, but eventually all three boats were sunk. For the remainder of the operation, it was decided [ by whom? Probably numerous other missions around the world that will not come to light. Anyhow now there is an modified MH-6 with fuel tank increasing its range by 60 percent Effendi LE 29 May I went shooting with a retired CWO3 from the nightstalkers, bit of a piss artist but, a firkin good shootist You can guess which particular lot he was playing with but, I am not going to say where - suffice to say the Littlebird was put through it's pace's.

I still think it is cool when they swoop down, level up with the edge of a balcony, or roof and the operator just steps off. Cost me 20 Quid as well!

There was also an appearance of a highly secret C at Leeming twice during this exercise. The date of this exercise was July Effendi said:. It's not easy for these to keep their UK visits under wraps, as there's spotters at just about every base in the UK. Knowing the place where they did the demo's I would say that with a bit of care they could have remained under the spotter radar, other than the flights in and out. If it was anything more than decade ago, no iPads, smartphones were rare and no Flightradar24 or planefinder app.

So guess it be easy for say a C to land at wherever in Uk, offload and pick up Little Birds.