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In an age of fake news and alternative facts, Not My Idea spotlights the role of libraries as sanctuaries and librarians as guardians of the truth. Although her name sounds as if is directly out of a Harry Potter book, Higginbotham hails from Washington, Pennsylvania, where she is the fourth of five siblings whose names all begin with A.

She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband Jon and two sons, Lionel and Sabatino. Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness is a a picture book that invites white children and parents to become curious about racism, accept that it's real, and cultivate justice. First steps including recognizing white privilege — the fact that our culture treats white people better than it treats others.

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The concept is illustrated with images of a white child and an African-American child in a shop: A security guard ignores the white kid while keeping a sharp eye on the black kid. The change would benefit everyone, she adds. About people marched from Homewood to North Point Breeze Saturday afternoon led by black activists and followed by white allies.

The peaceful march organized by a group of black women and femmes intentionally prioritized the needs and voices of black attendees. All intersections of the black community including physical ability and sexual orientation and identity were welcomed as well as white allies.

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Organizer Deaja Baker said it was a chance to uplift the black communities. Pittsburgh was one of many cities across the country where anti-racism rallies were held Sunday.

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Post a Comment. The latest book in the series a series which has explored concepts like sex and death tackles the concept of "whiteness. The child's questions touch upon things like why the officer is screaming and threatening to shoot an unarmed black man, and he ruminates on how "skin color affects the most ordinary daily experiences. Like with her other books, Higginbotham uses a whole host of mixed media for her illustrations.