Reaching America One By One: A Revolution In Evangelism

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They also nurtured a lurid demonology, and hunted and burned supposed witches in their midst. This faith informed the 19th-century doctrine of manifest destiny , which held that the spread of white settlement over the entire continent was not only inevitable, but just.

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In the late 20th century, another religious revival fed directly into the successes of conservative politics. Preachers like Billy Graham and Jimmy Swaggart — in spectacular revival meetings and increasingly on television — attracted millions of white converts to churches which emphasized literalist interpretations of the Bible, strict moral teachings and apocalyptic expectations. In the south, the explosion of evangelical churches coincided with a wave of racial reaction in the wake of the civil rights movement. After being a Democratic stronghold, the south became solidly Republican beginning in the early s.

Leaders of the Christian right became figures of national influence, and especially in the Bush years, public policy was directed to benefit them. That is, especially among the young, there are proportionally fewer Christians. If trends continue, that means that there will be fewer and fewer Christians. While two-thirds of seniors are white Christians, only around a quarter of people are.

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To varying degrees, this has affected almost every Christian denomination — and nearly four in 10 young Americans have no religious affiliation at all. This reflects the second big driver of white Christian decline: both America and its family of faiths are becoming less white.

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Due mostly to Asian and Hispanic immigration, and the consolidation of already established immigrant populations, white people will be a minority by This will be true of unders as soon as The Catholic church provides a stark illustration. In the s, white people outnumbered non-white people in Catholic churches by a to-one margin. While the most ingrained narratives of North American history depict it as a haven for minority sects, this varied considerably by colony.

This frequently led to violence. In , a mob burned an Ursuline convent near Boston. Two years later, their presidential candidate, Millard Fillmore, got a fifth of the vote. Early Mormon history was marked by a series of violent attacks by non-Mormons, and subsequent escapes to new gathering places.

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This repeated ostracism and violence led eventually to their overland trek to the Great Salt Lake, far from their often murderous Protestant antagonists, where they founded Utah. From the s and especially during the Great Depression, Jews were the victims of both ambient antisemitic sentiments and violent hate crimes, especially in the cities of the north-east.


The story of American Protestantism has not been all about persecution, of course. Protestant clergy and lay people have played a part in progressive struggles — from abolition, to the civil rights movement, to manning the barricades in Charlottesville. Special Guest: Dr. Evangelism with Ev.

Karen Culture of Evangelism and Early Baptist Mission in Nineteenth Century Burma

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