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I honestly can not recall. However, I do remember always reading the stories by starting with A Study in Scarlet.

10 of the Best Sherlock Holmes Stories Everyone Should Read – Interesting Literature

Here is the list of all stories in chronological order by the publication date taken from Baker Street Wiki :. After looking into some forums and discussions and thinking about it, I was surprised to see that many people suggest skipping A Study in Scarlet, as it is the first story written by Doyle and therefore not as polished and a bit too long, and just dive into The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and then The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.

So, in honour of January being a Sherlock Holmes reading month and the read-a-long SHReads18, I decided to introduce you to my favourite reading order of all Sherlock Holmes stories. I am participating in this January event, however, I have a bigger goal in mind. One of my reading challenges for is to re-read all of Sherlock Holmes stories and for that I am listening to them as audiobooks - the complete collection of stories read by Stephen Fry one of my most favourite narrators!

Canon of Sherlock Holmes

But now comes the crux. There are a number of stories which really are a little hard to separate. So now only five places are left. There are two stories which deal with high diplomacy and intrigue. They are both among the very best of the series.

Therefore we will put it down for the eighth place. And now which? It is grim and new. We will give it the ninth place.

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I have only two places left. There is little to choose between the others. A small thing would turn the scale. So now we come to the very last. I might as well draw the name out of a bag, for I see no reason to put one before the other. Whatever their merit—and I make no claim for that—they are all as good as I could make them. It has the first ever case solved by Sherlock Holmes — when he was still in college. And yes, it is Holmes and not Watson who narrates this case! Those pounds would amount to around 96, pounds today!

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Which means around , dollars. This hound is not just another hound, however. The Hound of the Baskervilles is actually based on a real legend forgive the oxymoron! Not a word! Into your clothes and come! For instance, imagine what would happen if your wife received notes that contained funny pictures of dancing men every week.

10 of the Best Sherlock Holmes Stories Everyone Should Read

Burglers have attacked a man and taken some silverware. The police is satisfied.

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Holmes has to find out who did it. Another very interesting thing is that the house in which the man was murdered is surrounded by a moat a ditch filled with water. But then, good old Holmes is no less than an Olympic swimming champion when it comes to clearing deep waters.

Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four (1 of 4)