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Step 1 mastery does not occur over the course of the 6 to 8 weeks leading up to the test. It starts on Day 1 of medical school.

What is the passing score for USMLE Step 1?

In building your basic science knowledge through classwork, what you are really doing is learning what you need to know in order to a succeed as a doctor, and b perform excellently on boards. Curriculums take different approaches in how much importance they place on each of these i.

Be ready to strongly come out of the gates from Day 1 of medical school with Step 1 completion as the light at the end of the classwork tunnel. This is not to say that you should start annotating First Aid on Day 1 of school. You should not do that. Merely strive to learn and internalize as much as possible.

The reality is that different medical schools fall on different points of the teaching spectrum, from glowing to abysmal. It is unjust, but it is true. What can a student do when they are coming from a program that is under-preparing them for the task at hand? It is up to them, and all students, to be extremely proactive, and fill in any gaps in knowledge that professors leave them with. What guide can students use to figure out what they need to know?

Is it First Aid or some other boards prep material?

The USMLE: Ten Questions

It is the almighty textbook. Their comprehensive and indubitably useful information is slipping through the cracks.

  • Schloss im Süden (German Edition).
  • Guide to Mastery of Topics for the USMLEs!
  • Threats to Validity!

Mark it up. Re-read it.

Find the time, means, and desire to master your classwork so that when the time comes, you can master Step 1. If your school does a solid job of teaching you all necessary concepts, it is still vital to exercise this proactivity and go the extra mile.

Go above and beyond what it takes to merely pass your exams, and really strive to reach full understanding of your coursework. All that being said, if your exams and therefore, grades are going to be based on lecture notes and slides, work these notes into your study plan, in addition to textbook studying. The best board scores in the world would do a poor job of covering up low grades in your classes, so getting good grades during your first two years is as important as a high Step 1 score.

I had a built-in hour each day to review topics I had covered previously that were challenging, and an additional hour for a break. This is important!

  • Betrayed (Fearless).
  • Guide to Mastery of Topics for the USMLEs.
  • USMLE Step 1 Prep.

Do something fun — go outside, meet someone for lunch, exercise, etc. I studied 6 days a week and then on the seventh day I tried my hardest to not even think about medical school or the upcoming test.

My Step 1 Study Schedule (Scored a 250+)

At the end of week 3 I did my first practice test. I tried to simulate the actual test day — find a quiet place, use earplugs, have scrap paper ready, etc.

How Long Should I Study for USMLE Step 1?

These practice exams are half the length of the real deal — they take about 4 hours. I did an additional practice test once per week after that, with my final practice test at the beginning of my final week. By my final week, I had finished reviewing topics in First Aid and had finished Pathoma, but had several hundred Qbank questions left so I spent most of my week completing these and reviewing the Qbank questions I had gotten wrong earlier.

I adopted a kitten at the beginning of the 6 weeks had been wanting one for years and we had tons of time to snuggle and study together:. Mar 15, Recent Posts See All. Search Blog.

How To Study For USMLE Step 1

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