The Divide

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Shows are consistently sold out in advance.

Performances are recorded live by Grammy-winning Executive Producer Doc Wiley then mixed and edited for radio broadcast. Producer Jason Wickens, a talented songwriter and country roots artist in his own right, interviews visiting acts, and those conversations are added to performance recordings.

The resulting podcasts and broadcasts are a multi- layered, authentic, engaging celebration of musical Americana culture, inviting listeners to go deeper into the words and sounds that connect with our collective and individual experiences. Live From The Divide has welcomed talented artists for hundreds of in-house concerts, with all performances being recorded and released as hour-long public radio programs.

The following measure expression produces a safe division, but it involves using four DAX functions.

In the case that the denominator is a constant value, we recommend that you use the divide operator. In this case, the division is guaranteed to succeed, and your expression will perform better because it will avoid unnecessary testing.

Across the Divide

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‘Why aren’t we earning enough to live?’ – how The Divide lays bare global inequality

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