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Login to your Account. Create an Account Instead Forgot Password? Befitting their elevated status at that time, many pigs slept near children in their own straw bed. Welcome to the Year of the Pig. Visit anz. The piggy bank mystery 10 Chinese New Year traditions. Paid and Presented By:. About this. Twisted tale: The great piggy bank mystery How pigs have become an enduring symbol of good fortune and wealth. Lucky pigs indeed.

Hand rearing piglets A sow may die and there is no foster mother available. The litter can be reared by hand feeding. Unit Castrating piglets Castration, or the removal of the testicles, is carried out on the male pig which is not needed for breeding. If the blood vessel to the testicle is cut straight through, or pulled heavy bleeding can occur. Bleeding is reduced by scraping the twisted blood vessel with a knife until it is cut through. Castrated animals are quieter and easy to handle. The castrated animal is fatter and produces meat which does not have a strong smell.

Learning objectives After studying this unit you should know: 1 Why male pigs are castrated. Why are pigs castrated? Male pigs boars can fight causing injury to one another. Castrated pigs are quieter and easier to handle.

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Castrating the pig makes it put on more fat and the meat does not have a strong piggy smell. Young pigs should be castrated at 2 to 3 weeks of age. Restraining the pig for castration You will need someone to hold the piglet for castration. The pig should be held by the hind legs with its head down and its body should be firmly held between the handler's knees. Castration cuts Castrating the pig You will need a very sharp, clean knife, scalpel or razor blade. Remove the sow from the litter and if possible put her where she cannot see or hear them. The testicle should pop out through the cut.

This helps to reduce bleeding. Do not pull to break the vessel.

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Apply either tincture of iodine, gentian violet, Dettol or an antibiotic powder see R5 Annex 1 or a sulpha powder to the castration wound. Remove the second testicle in the same way. Put the piglets and their mother on clean bedding. Watch piglets for signs of infection in the wound for the next week.

Infected castration wounds swell, piglets do not want to walk or are lame. See Unit 73 for treatment. Unit Feeding pigs The pig is omnivorous and can eat meat and plants.

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The digestive system of the pig can also use bulky feeds containing a lot of roughage. Pigs must have plenty of clean, fresh water every day.

“A new piggy-banking paradigm”

Learning objectives After studying this unit you should know: 1 What types of feed to give pigs. The types of feed to give to pigs Pigs will eat anything. They will eat grass and all types of plants. They can be kept in a well fenced field where they will eat all of the plants and grass there. The pig not only eats the green parts of plants but will also dig into the ground and eat all the roots.

Twisted tale: The great piggy bank mystery

A pig with a nose ring cannot root up plants. The pig's eating habit can be used by man. If a pig is put in a field it will clear it, plough it and fertilise it. Pig's will grow and get fat more quickly if they are fed concentrate feed.

Grain which has been well ground into meal is a good feed. Waste vegetables and household scraps can also be given to pigs. Household scraps, especially those containing meat, must be well boiled pig swill before being given to the pig. The pig must always be able to drink fresh clean water. A sow with young will need 20 - 30 litres of water a day. The types of feed to give to pigs How often will a pig need feeding? Pigs can be kept in a sty when they will need to be fed twice a day with one feed in the morning and one in the evening.

Pigs in the field can be offered meal once a day or given extra feed, e. Weaning Piglets show an interest in solid feed when they are 1 or 2 weeks old. They can be offered a handful of cereal, sugar or powdered milk to start with. Piglets will take milk from the mother until they are about 7 weeks old. They will gradually take less milk and eat more solid feed until they are weaned. Piglets in the field will naturally start to eat solid feed but it must be offered to those that are housed.

The young animals need to be gradually given new feed to avoid digestive problems. Remember that a pig should rush to eat its feed. Lack of interest in feed is a sign of ill health and you will need to look at the animal to determine the cause of health problems. Unit Housing for pigs Pigs can be kept in a field where there is a shelter or they can be kept in a pig sty. Pigs should not be allowed to wander about free.

There will be no control over what they eat or where they go and disease will spread. Learning objectives After studying this unit you should know: 1 How to keep pigs in a field. Keeping pigs in a field Wild pigs live amongst bushes and the roots of tress. When pigs are kept with access to a warm, low area to lie and sleep in, as they would in the wild, the pigs do better. Pigs can be kept in a field where they can feed on grasses and plants. If pigs are kept this way, the field must be surrounded by either a strong fence or a wall. Pigs will push their way out of a field if the fence is not strong enough.

The animals are given shelters called pig arks to sleep in. These can be made of wood or metal sheets and should contain bedding.