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You may discover you really enjoy the experience and find it satisfying and rewarding. If you do make the decision to purchase a trivia night package, you should make sure the quiz is purchased from a reputable trivia supply company like Quizrunners. Granted, I am the co-founder of Quizrunners, and clearly, I am biased as to which trivia company I think you should choose. However, I am not in the business of steering anyone in the wrong direction, especially charities and fundraisers.

I feel strongly that we have the best quality trivia product on the market today. However, I encourage you to shop around and see if another trivia product may work better for your specific needs. I recommend keeping the quiz to between two and three hours. If you have less time, you can always do 5 or 7 questions per category or reduce the number of categories. If you have more time, you can always create more categories.

If your venue discussed later in this blog has a PA system, then you should consider adding an audio category to your quiz. This will be a welcome addition for your participants, as our experience has shown that people generally love an audio round.

How to Organize a Trivia Night Fundraiser | QuizRunners

An audio round usually consists of 10 clips of either music, or other audio clips such as commercials, actors, musical instruments, movie clips etc. If your venue has monitors you can use during the event, then you can display the pictures from your picture round on the big screen for all your participants to see. You can also present all your questions on the big screen if you use a PowerPoint format for your quiz. The bonus part of having a final question is, the teams that are behind at the end of the quiz can still have a chance at winning, if they wager enough of their points on the final question.

When creating the tie breaker question, simply prepare one that nobody can know the exact answer to, such as how many pounds does the Empire State Building weigh? Or, how many grams of sugar went into the worlds largest cupcake? You get the idea. As mentioned earlier, there is a limitless supply of categories you can choose from. The internet is a great resource for categories. If you have an old encyclopedia collection, open the books up at random and see if anything strikes your fancy, or choose the random article feature on Wikipedia.

For example, you might think history is a good category. Or, you might use entertainment as a broader category, then narrow down your focus to a few ideas such as s sitcoms, horror movies or Grammy Award winning singers. For example, if 4 syllable words is your category, search that term in google , or your preferred search engine, and when you find an extensive list of 4 syllable words, make a list of the 10 answers you think you could create good questions around.

So, your answers could be alligator, constellation, orthopedics, amphibian etc. Once you have your answers, you can start working your questions around those answers. So, for this category look up alligator on your preferred online information resource such as Wikipedia and start doing some research. Once you learn a few key facts, form a question around those facts. Do the same thing for constellation and all the other answers. It is a good practice with trivia writing to do some double and even triple checking to ensure accuracy with your questions and answers.

The last thing you want during your trivia night is for someone to start challenging your answers. This could upset the flow of the night and provide an unwanted distraction. When you are preparing your questions, try to avoid one liners.

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Consider adding facts to your questions. Another thing to consider when writing your questions is to make sure you add a mix of questions of varying levels of difficulty. That way, everyone can have a chance to participate and have a good time. My advice is to try to strike a balance. Most of our writers rate their questions as easy, medium or difficult as they fill in a category. A good rule of thumb is to have 3 or 4 easy questions, 3 or 4 medium questions and 2 or 3 difficult questions in each category. However, if you are writing the quiz for a group of trivia buffs who have expressed that they want to see difficult questions, then by all means comply.

Conversely, if you are hosting the quiz for a group of participants who are inexperienced in the ways of trivia, then you should consider creating a higher number of easy questions for the event. Some formats allow the teams to bet a certain number of their points on the final question, so that the teams with lower scores still have a chance of coming out on top.

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Some things to consider when thinking of a location are:. Once you estimate the number of attendees, start looking for sites that can accommodate your participants. Many pub owners will gladly let you use their bar for the event, as it is sure to draw a crowd of hungry and thirsty attendees. However, if you need a bigger space, consider asking if you could use a school gym, a local church, a hall or large conference room. This includes a PA system, monitors if needed, HDMI cables if you are using a monitor, handouts, the quiz itself, and any incidental items you can think of that will ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you have a chance, do a run through of the quiz before the event, and work out any kinks that may exist.

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Now that you have a date and location, you are ready to start promoting and advertising your event. One of the cheapest methods of getting the word out about your event is the use of various forms of social media. This is an easy and effective way to reach a vast audience and relay all the pertinent information about the event. This can include using Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Snapchat to name a few.

Looking for Mac apps? Try the Mac App Store.

If you have an e-mail list, you should fire off an e-mail with all the information about your upcoming event. If you have a web site, you should put a post on the site about it. If you are having a fundraising event, let me know and I will personally have some posters customized for your event which will include the time and location, as well as your logo and name of your fundraiser.

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Simply send your request, along with the name, logo, date and time of your fundraiser to vernevoy quizrunners. With the posters, you can use the digital version for your social media advertising and you can also put some posters up in the community. Posting a classified ad about your event in a local newspaper can help reach a lot of potential participants.

You could also consider calling up the local radio station and having a DJ promote your event by interviewing you or talking about your event on the air. Spread the word about your event by telling as many people as you can. This includes friends, co-workers, relatives and anyone who is willing to listen. You know the old expression — if you tell two friends, and they tell two friends, the word will spread about your event. Here they are:. Here are some tips to ensure your event runs smoothly.

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The first thing you should do when you get to the venue is test all the equipment to ensure everything is working properly and make sure that your questions can be heard by everyone in the room. The Stones All 10 Correct: Absolutely outstanding. Greg would be proud!

Who is the second of the "Featured or Special Guests? How many wallpapers are available for download? What is it?

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How many different CD's are offered for purchase from the Gift Shop? In one of the "Interviews," Greg mentions the first rock song he ever learned to play. Name the title and artist. How many videos are available for viewing in the "Video Theater? What did he do that Christmas that made it so special? Double bonus points if you can name which items of Keith Emerson's are there! False - the replica from is featured along with the story of the demise of the original. Robert Fripp 3. Three 4. In the sixth row, fourth photo, the song title "C'ste La Vie" is misspelled.

Six 7. False - "Strawberry Fields Forever" is listed. Nine He was instrumental in helping a homeless man find a permanent place to live.