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Indeed, if apologetics is to be done effectively, we must connect with the person at the level of the personal. Jesus consistently drove this home. His one-on-one conversations were remarkably personal and left others looking into their hearts and considering their spiritual condition.

Think Again

One of the most extensive conversations Jesus had surprised his own disciples— a conversation with a Samaritan woman see John 4. You recall how this woman at the well raised one question after another as if that were really her problem. It would have been very easy for the Lord to call her bluff with some castigating words. Instead, like a gentle and nimble-handed goldsmith he rubbed away the markings of sin and pain in her life until she was amazed at how much true gold he brought out in her. He gave her hope, knowing all along who she was on the inside.

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The value of the person was an essential part of Jesus's message—and this must be so for us as well. The greatest challenge has been to learn how to draw boundaries between work and personal life. But he lives by the motto of nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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The year-old also believes that it has never been easier than it is today for entrepreneurs, given the access to tools and technologies to create global startups, such as Stripe for accepting global payments, Amazon Web Services for firing up servers and Xero for taking care of accounting needs. For Mr Cheung, it was his father who piqued his interest in entrepreneurship.

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The elder Mr Cheung had in the s founded a printing business, because "printing was an integral aspect of everyday life" then. But when asked if there was anything he would have done differently, he replies that finding a growth market was more important than fulfilling an everyday need. Mr Cheung said: "My father had observed that one of his customers, a VHS tape manufacturer, had grown his business 50 times faster than him.

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Since then, this insight of his has influenced me to constantly seek out new growth and tech markets. But he was entrepreneurial even as early as in his teenage years - he imported VCDs from Hong Kong and sold them to his schoolmates.

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  • Olympia-Siegerin Sabine Spitz: Mein 10-Minuten Personal-Trainer: Kleiner Aufwand - großer Erfolg: lässig zu einem strafferen Körper (German Edition).

It is a slightly different story with Dr Lin. Asked what got him interested in entrepreneurship, he said that he has always enjoyed turning his knowledge into something valuable. I derive fun from making something people want, and having people appreciate and reward me for the effort.

Thinking again

His advice to aspiring founders? Perhaps above all I miss the various unpublished draft posts and what they represented. Thanks to two blogging stalwarts Ton and Euan , I might have the momentum to do so and today seemed like a good day to turn the clocks back. Facebook, Twitter et al have all made reading and connecting easier and services like Readwise.

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Unpublished drafts are evidence of that effort but fewer and fewer between. The first step in that direction is sorting out some ingredients. Looking through my old feeds I seem to have a lot of dormant ones and a large number that seem to be the equivalent of the paprika seasoning at the back of the cupboard. Great to hear!