Volver a casa (Spanish Edition)

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You need to come home with me so I can get you some help.

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Thank you for coming home to me. Vas a volver a casa conmigo. You're not going to die, Nathan Scott. Tu deber es volver a casa conmigo , ser una esposa. Your duty is to come home with me and be a wife.

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Want to come home with me? And if you're holding her You want to move back in with me? Now, you would like to come home with me now, deary, wouldn't you? How much do I owe? Debes volver a casa conmigo. You need to come home with me. Come home with me.

You're coming back to the guard. Vas a volver a Em City. You're coming back to Em City. Vas a volver a las Fuerzas Armadas.

You're going back into the Air Force. Are you going back to that compound? You're going back into a cell and tomorrow at this time, you'll be in Rikers awaiting trial. Are you going back to Tombstone?

Translation of "Vas a volver a" in English

Are you going back to your village? Are you going back to being a soldier? Vas a volver a nuestro planeta. Soon you will see our native planet. You're going back in there where you belong. Vas a volver a Corpus Christi. You're going back to Corpus Christi.

Formas de volver a casa

Vas a volver a ponerle esto a esa zombie. You got to put this back on that zombie. Only a body can recognize a body, even one that is running away. We begin the journey, full and empty, the building eaves leaning to comprehend us.


There is nothing that reveals its intent. Almost barefoot, inside herself, the dreamer retraces her steps. Turning around to see better, and farther in. Alejandra Pizarnik.

Translator Notes

Como letras de cambio, la multitud avanza. Solo un cuerpo puede reconocer un cuerpo, aunque deserte. Son nombres que regresan. Her writing is remarkable for its precision and metaphysical clarity.

Volver a Casa (Parte 1) Coming Home (Part 1)

Parsing the semantics of these difficult and lucid poems was my first priority, the goal being to find an English syntax and diction that would articulate paradox without reducing, blunting, or explaining it away. I also tended to the wide range of allusions in these poems.

The speakers of these poems wrestle with and synthesize various literary traditions, geometries, and landscapes.